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HVAC Zoning FAQs

FAQs About HVAC Zoning Systems From Mitsubishi

The Personalized Comfort system from Mitsubishi helps your home achieve perfectly customized temperature control. Here are a few frequently asked questions related to these efficient systems.

I heard heat pumps don't work well in cold weather. Is this true?

While it is true that older heat pump systems performed quite poorly with cold ambient temperatures, times have changed. Mitsubishi Electric's Hyper-Heat units can operate at 100% heating capacity down to 5° F and 78% down to -13° F.

Does installation involve cutting into my walls?

Ductless systems require minimal cutting into your walls. Often all that is needed is a simple 3 inch hole to run electric and refrigerant lines.

How loud are the units?

The units operate at low sound levels between 19-34 decibels, no louder than a human whisper.

I want a more concealed look. Do you have options for me?

Yes. Customers looking for a more concealed look may consider going with an air handler, horizontal-ducted or ceiling cassette unit. Technician will confirm that units are able to be installed in home.

What if the power goes out?

While Mitsubishi Electric's Hyper-Heat system can operate effectively at low temperatures, no one can predict extreme events. If you lose power, you will indeed lose heat. Customers may prepare themselves with a backup source of heat such as a wood stove or existing furnace. Customers could also consider a whole home battery or generator system.